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  Photo by CAPC Oakland

Photo by CAPC Oakland

Knowing Jesus

The most important thing that a person can ever do in this life is to know God and walk with Him. He created each of us, and if you do not know Him; there will be an emptiness in your heart...a longing for something more. Someone. God. The only way to know God is through His Son Jesus Christ.

If you want to be saved and go to Heaven, you must confess Jesus as your Lord and your Savior. You must reject your sins and turn away from them. You must confess your sins, and ask Jesus to forgive them. Then the Holy Spirit will come make His home in you. At this point the Holy Spirit will recreate your spirit, and your spirit will be born again (humans have a body, soul, and spirit). When your spirit is reborn by the Spirit of God, you will be a new creation. You will feel different. You will begin to feel a deeper desire to know the Lord. And you will also begin to feel convicted when you sin. These are good indicators that the Holy Spirit is living inside of you.

How do you know if you are truly saved? The answer to this question is fairly simple. It you are truly saved, you know that you know. There is no question if you will go to Heaven because Heaven is already in you. If you question your salvation it is a good indicator that you are not saved. For example, if someone were to ask me if I am married; my immediate answer would be "yes." There is no question in my mind. I know I'm married. The same is true with salvation. If you saved, you know it.

If you have never accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, it is the best decision you can ever make. If you don't know how to pray to Him, simply tell God this: "Jesus, I have committed many sins (confess to Him all the bad things you have done or said that come to your mind). Would you please forgive my sins. I believe that you are God, and that you are the Son of God. I believe that you died for my sins, and were beaten for the healing of my body. I believe that you rose from the dead by the power of God. I need you to be my savior. I want you to be my Lord. I desire to live for you and to know you. Would you please come and make your home in me. Please heal my body of any sickness or disease."

If you prayed that prayer and gave your life to the Lord, please let us know by email. It touches us to know when anyone receives eternal life.

Salvation is not the goal, it is the beginning. Salvation is a necessary first step, but the destination is Eden. The Lord created Adam and Eve to walk in His presence and have intimate fellowship with Him. The Lord desires this intimate relationship with us all. The following is a short synopsis of how to progress in relationship with the Lord. Detailed teachings of these subjects can be found on this website.

After salvation, it is necessary for one to be baptized in water. This is not a symbolic act. Something powerful takes place in the spirit when a believer is baptized. There is a separation between the old life and the new. Grace is given to the believer to walk in newness of life and to repent of sin.

Discipleship is key. If a believer wants to progress in relationship with the Lord, a discipleship commitment must be made. And what Jesus requires of His disciples in the scriptures must be followed.

The next crucial step is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This encounter will change a believer forever. It will open a believer up to the spirit realm, increase their spiritual perception, and it is a gateway for the gifts of the Spirit.

Immediately after the baptism of the Spirit (or before), it is necessary for a believer to receive deliverance. There are sins and other issues that are difficult to get free from unless evil strongholds have been removed. These spiritual strongholds hold many believers back from truly walking with The Lord.

This brings us to the basics. Doing the basics well, will bring a believer into intimacy with the Lord. Discipline must be applied to these and they must be done on a consistent basis for years in order to be successful in reaching the destination. Prayer. Fasting. The study of books, teachings, and other media. Meditating on the Word. Waiting on God.

Doing these things with a right heart motive will bring the believer into the manifest presence of God. Once a believer enters in to the manifest presence of God, that person will go deep into intimacy with the Lord. The Lord will release a burning in the heart of the believer. If continued, the believer will reach a burning point for Jesus, which he will never return from. Each one of these subjects will be elaborated on in greater detail under the "foundations" page.