About Ty and Maegan Unruh

Ty was born in Kansas and raised on a farm. At the age of 22 he was born again (John 3:3-8). Ty asked the Lord to forgive his sins, and was baptized in water. Shortly after his conversion, Ty visited a small Bible school in Monterrey, Mexico. During this visit the Lord visited him. Believers in the Bible school laid hands on Ty and he was overcome by the Lord's presence. When he could no longer stand, he was laid on the floor. He remained there for 15 minutes, unable to move, with peace, love, and joy flooding his soul. This was his first encounter with the Holy Spirit. An encounter that changed his life and propelled him into a life of pursuing the Lord. 

One year after Ty's salvation, he experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This encounter intensified Ty's desire to know the Lord, and opened a whole new doorway to the Kingdom of God. Shortly after this, Ty went into law enforcement and lived in Arizona for three years. At this point the Lord opened up a door for Ty to transfer to Whitefish, MT. After relocating to Montana in 2008, Ty met his future wife Maegan at a Bible study. 

Maegan was born in Tennessee, but since her father was in the military she spent much of her early childhood in San Diego and Guam. When Maegan was eight years old her family moved to Georgia. Maegan grew up in an abusive environment and experienced a lot of trauma during her childhood. When she was twelve years old, she was diagnosed with an incurable bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand's disease. Maegan was forced to have a Port-a-Cath installed in order to take transfusions to stop the bleeding. Because of this disease Maegan was sick, weak, and missed much schooling during her teenage years.

During those difficult years Maegan wasn't walking with the Lord. That all changed when she came back to church and begin to experience the Holy Spirit. Maegan gave her life to the Lord and begin to pursue Him. One night at a worship service Maegan was worshiping the Lord at the alter. The Lord told her to lay on the floor and she did. Then she saw a picture of a hand touching her from her head to her toes. She heard the Lord say, "I am cleansing your blood and making you whole." Next she felt fire burn through her body. After that experience she had her Port-a-Cath removed, and has been tested for Von Willebrand's disease with negative results. The Lord completely healed her.

Shortly after Maegan's healing she attended YWAM ministry school in Kona, Hawaii. Briefly after she completed her training in Hawaii, Maegan moved to Montana with her mom and sister. Eight months after her move to Montana she met Ty. Then the kingdom begin exploding in both of their hearts as the divine Providence of God directed their path.

Ty and Maegan were married in June of 2009. For ten years, the Lord took Ty and Maegan through a wilderness season to prepare them for His calling and purpose. In 2019, the Lord relocated them from Montana to Alabama. Ty and Maegan have created Burning Point Ministries as a resource to the body of Christ.

Ty is ordained by Val and Linda Munson of Spiritfire Global Ministries. Val has been a pastor for over 50 years, and currently operates Spiritfire as a prayer ministry in Fresno, CA. Here is a link to Spiritfire Ministries:


Ty and Maegan reside in Spanish Fort, Alabama in Baldwin County, and have two children; Alivia and Bryten.